Mortgage Banking

Debt and Equity Brokerage

Alcove Funding is a national provider of real estate capital.  Our mortgage banking platform has expertise in all commercial real estate asset classes.  Clients receive best in market financing terms through our proprietary lender relationships and selection process.   Alcove’s objective is to make the financing process faster, easier and more economical for our clients, so they can focus on what they do best.

Mortgage Banking Parameters

Eligible Properties All commercial real estate asset types
Geography Coast to coast
Target Size $1,000,000 to $35,000,000
Capital Sources CMBS, Agency, Life Insurance Companies, Banks, Credit Unions and Private Money
Owner Needs Acquisition, Construction, Refinance, Value-Add, Mezzanine, Joint Venture Partnerships, Equity, Distressed Debt and Bridge
Key Capabilities Non-recourse, Cash Out, Max Leverage, Max Fixed Rate Terms
Proprietary Capital Ability to provide proprietary mezzanine debt or preferred equity for high leverage transactions. Direct loans can be as small as $750,000 (assuming Alcove Funding placing the first lien loan). Direct financing is provided with Alcove Funding proprietary funds ensuring the highest level of control and certainty of execution.

Client Benefits

Lender selection process

Access to capital relationships

Expertise as owner and lender